We got to spend the afternoon with Kayla and Colleen in Batsto Village in Hammonton, New Jersey.

And it was PERFECT. Literally PERFECT. Want to know why?

It was a beautiful day in early spring, with the sun shining bright and weather warmer than originally anticipated on a May evening. It was perfect for some engagement photography.  You could see the love radiating through these two non-stop!  Adoration gleaming in their eyes, young love rampant on a perfect day!

From the moment we arrived, you could tell these two were absolutely infatuated with each other.


They were all smiles and so bubbly it was contagious! The sun lit them up perfectly from behind while we danced in between the historic buildings. We stopped to try some differently lighting on a rickety old porch, and hid amongst the trees. From there, we traveled down the paths to a broken down tree, where we played around by yelling out random obscenities just for fun (it was an empty park, don’t worry, we weren’t offending anyone!) and Kayla being an experienced dancer, had Coll spin her around to the backdrop of a hazy sun.


We worked our way over to a bridge where we overlooked a large lake, and all was so peaceful, we all stopped for a moment to reflect upon the beauty that surrounded us.




On the walk back, Coll lifted up Kayla and spun her in circles, and there were laughs shared all around! Our last stop was where we began, where we managed to grab a few last shots at sunset then called it a day.

We were fortunate to capture these two at Batsto Village in Hammonton! It may not have been the Jersey Shore like we are accustomed to, however it was a nice change up. Thank you Kayla and Coll for being so amazing!