In May, we got an unexpected phone call from a young man preparing to propose to his long-term girlfriend.

Liam was eager and a bit nervous but remained calm as we devised a plan with him for a surprise beach proposal in Mantoloking, New Jersey.  He explained to us that every year Sabrina and himself take a trip down to the Jersey Shore.  This was the house in Mantoloking and that’s where he wanted to make his move.

The day of, Julie and I found a perfect spot on the beach and played off being ‘tourists’ with our cameras hidden in our bags.  We waited, filled to the brim with excitement!  This was our first proposal photoshoot ever.

We braced ourselves as we received the text from Liam saying Sabrina and himself were descending upon the beach.  We watched them come down the pathway.   We were pretending to not look and mind our own business.  Liam looked over at us with a nod of acknowledgement.  That’s when he walked Sabrina over close to the water, and dropped to one knee.

Sabrina’s face lit right up as she excitedly said yes!  Her ring was EXTRAVAGANT and you could see it shining while we snapped away. We made sure we werecatching every moment of her reaction!  She quizzically asked Liam “Do you know these people?”.   We all had a good laugh as her eyes got big when he said “Yes, I hired them!” as we didn’t miss a beat with our cameras.

After the initial surprise, we made sure to take some portraits of this beautiful couple as we waited for their family descended from the house to join them on the beach.  Champagne was popped, and all joined simultaneously in celebration.  It may have been our first proposal caught on camera, but only one of the many engagements we get to cover!  Congratulations Liam and Sabrina!